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About Us

Perth Home Cleaners specialise in house cleaning, home cleaning, end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, vacate cleaning, renovation cleaning, builders cleaning, one off cleaning, carpet cleaning, domestic cleaning, real estate cleaning, emergency cleaning, industrial cleaning, office cleaning, commercial cleaning and window cleaning throughout Perth, Fremantle, Joondalup, Rockingham and Mandurah, WA. We are happy to help and design a custom cleaning schedule and provide one off or regular options. We can provide full or part cleaning of your house and take care of the windows and carpets at the same time. We also provide office cleaning, please contact us for more information.
Phone: 0420 270 260
Web: www.perthhomecleaners.com.au

We are in business to give you peace of mind. You can trust Perth Home Cleaners professional expertise. We offer top quality cleaning performance outcomes as well as honesty and integrity. We provide cleaning services throughout Perth, Joondalup, Fremantle, Rockingham and Mandurah and offer a range of home cleaning services and schedule options that meet your budget and the special needs of your home. As each home is different, we customise our home cleaning services to each specific location.
Contact Perth Home Cleaners today to discuss our comprehensive cleaning services.

End of lease cleaning for houses and apartments from Joondalup to Mandurah. Perth Home Cleaners offers exceptional end of lease cleaning. We are expertise in post construction cleaning, move in / move out cleaning and cleaning homes for sale. We have a team of cleaners who specialise in end of lease cleaning. We are equipped with everything required to clean spotless even the most unwelcoming places. We work with many leading agents in Perth, and we know their standards regarding the condition of the property to be vacated. We can be booked with a simply phone call or email.

Spring cleaning and one off cleaning for houses and homes throughout Perth. This may be a domestic spring clean to try and stay on top of the cleanliness of you home. There may have been a major shift or change in the family and now you have the opportunity to clean up years of neglect and make the property presentable for its new purpose. We provide all materials, equipment. We offer 3 monthly or 6 monthly follow up appointments.

Window cleaning for residential houses throughout Perth from Joondalup to Fremantle, to Rockingham and Mandurah. Our window cleaning service is professional and efficient. We clean the entire window, frame, fly wire and tracks. We are very though. Lets face it- even after hours of back-braking, time-consuming labour spent cleaning your own windows; it's hard to get them looking professionally clean. Let us do the hard work for you, reaching those impossible areas. We can cover single storey and 2 and 3 storey houses.

Carpet cleaning is from professionals with over 20 years local experience cleaning carpets throughout Perth. We can arrange expert carpet cleaning with ease for you. Your search is over for carpet cleaners in Perth that can address your every need. Our technicians are experts at cleaning all types of carpet and furniture for both residential and commercial customers. Our process begins with a dirt and stain loosening agent that is applied to the carpets, followed by an extraction process with state of the art cleaning machines that control water temperature and pressure to achieve the best results. Stains that may be difficult to remove by this process alone are always specially treated with the correct cleaning product to get the best results. We provide a professional receipt at the end.

Office cleaning is available for one off or regular office cleaning. We offer quality and reliable cleaning services to any office or commercial business. Please contact us anytime to see how we can help you. Keeping a clean office environment is essential to maintaining hygiene. We're not too large to overlook the small things. When you call on Perth Home Cleaners, you can rest assured that every detail is taken care of, from changing light bulbs to washing coffee mugs to disinfecting telephone receivers and keyboards. We leave your office environmentally clean and air fresh for your staff and clients. Our cleaning products are specially selected to insure the safest and cleanest results. Phone us anytime to discuss.

Builders cleaning is available. Now that you have invested so much time, money and effort into remodeling or building your new homes / offices we’re certain you’ll want its final presentation to be clean and beautiful. Perth Home Cleaners provides after construction clean-ups, post renovation cleaning and builders cleans. It can be messy after a renovation we have cleaners available to clean the dust away to help make life easier for you.
Post construction clean ups, post renovation cleaning and builders cleans requires special techniques to insure your dust does not return. Perth Home Cleaners has special post construction crews. Your building’s debut is of utmost importance and with us after the construction clean-up, post renovation cleaning or builders cleans, the interior and exterior of your property will look clean, smell fresh and instill a sense of pride among its new occupants.

Contractors and homeowners throughout Perth rely on Perth Home Cleaners to remove dirt, dust and debris that construction companies leave behind. We do the elbow grease so that you can get back to your house or business. When we are through, your new buildings will be ready for occupation.

During post construction clean-up we can also provide a strategy for an on-going, regular cleaning and maintenance program to keep your house or facility looking its best day after day, year after year.
Perth Home Cleaners is a construction cleaning company you can trust. Weather it be for new construction cleaning or just partial construction cleaning. For more information on our construction clean-up services please phone us on 0420 270 260. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

We are responsive to your requests and appreciate all your feedback and enquiries.

We can adapt to any of your requirements. Just let us know what you need and we will help you with anything.

The Different Types of Cleaning Services Available in Perth
If you’re in need of help keeping your home clean and tidy, then you should consider contacting a cleaning service. Cleaning can be hard work, and it can also take quite some time to complete, so hiring someone else to do it for you can be a big relief. However, with so many cleaning services on the market today, it can be hard to know which ones are the best option for you and your family – that’s where this article comes in!

House Cleaning
Spring is one of the most popular times for homeowners to start cleaning their house. This can be a daunting task, but there are a few different ways to clean your house to make it easier on you. One way is deep cleaning your whole house, which includes mopping and vacuuming every room and wiping down all surfaces. It will take longer in total but less time each time to go through thorough cleaning, which means that it will take less time per month and throughout the year.

Vacate Cleaning
Moving house, getting your bond back, lease ending? Vacate cleaning is the answer. We offer a range of cleaning services to suit your needs. Whether you need a one-off clean before moving out or an end-of-lease clean after vacating your property, we can help. Contact us to find out more about our vacate cleaning services for rental properties.

Builders Cleaning
A new home construction site can be a dusty, dirty place. Builders cleaning is essential to make sure the house is perfect for when the family moves in. Builders cleaning includes removing dust and debris from all surfaces, vacuuming carpets and upholstery, sanitizing bathrooms and ensuring that all areas are left clean and tidy.

Post Renovation Cleaning
Renovating your home can be a huge undertaking, and before you can fully enjoy the fruits of your labour, you need to clean up. This is why there are cleaners available for post renovation cleaning in Perth.
A good rule of thumb is to make sure that all construction materials, rubbish and debris are removed from the premises. You also want to make sure that any furniture or flooring that was damaged during the renovation process has been fixed.

End of Lease Cleaning
Cleaning your house professionally can be a great investment to make sure you get the best chances of getting your bond back. It's worth it to spend that little bit more, because you'll have the peace of mind knowing your house is in pristine condition.
For a no obligation quote for end of lease cleaning or any other type of cleaning services, contact our friendly and helpful staff today.

Bond Cleaning
Professional cleaners know what agencies are looking for. Cleaning gives you the best chance to get your bond back. Housekeeping is not enough. We know what your agents are looking for and we make sure we get it done. Bond cleaning should be done by professionals because they do the best job at making sure you get your bond back!

Domestic Cleaning
It's important to clean your home regularly and maintain a healthy environment for yourself and your loved ones. A lot of people don't realize that doing this is actually really easy and you can do it using only a few things!
Things like dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming are all simple and effective ways to keep your home spick-and-span. You'll be surprised at how much your mood will improve when you walk into a spotless home.

Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Perth Residents
Cleaning can be one of the most arduous tasks to tackle as an individual, particularly if you are responsible for cleaning your own home regularly. While many people will choose to hire a professional cleaner to make the task less difficult, there are also numerous cleaning tools and tips that can help you tackle the job yourself. If you live in Perth, this list of cleaning tips and tricks will help you keep your home clean with ease!

The Different Types of Cleaning Tools
There are many cleaning tools that you can use to clean your home and there are different types of cleaners. Cleaners usually come in bottles, spray bottles, and aerosol cans. Cleaning tools include brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops and sponges, dust cloths, squeegees and rubber gloves. If you're interested in learning more about the different types of cleaners available to Perth residents and their uses, continue reading! The first type of cleaner is a liquid or paste based cleaner, which typically comes in a bottle or bucket. These cleaners have a water base and can be used on countertops, floors, walls, glass surfaces (including windows), sinks and bathtubs as well as other surfaces. Some popular brands are Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cloths, Comet Cleanser Spray Cleaner and Washing Up Liquid from Johnson's Baby Care.

The Different Types of Concentrates
There are many different types of concentrates and they can be used in any room or area in your home. There are also different types of cleaning tools that you can use to clean with, such as mops and brooms. Here's a quick rundown on what kind of areas you should use which type of concentrate and what kind of tool to use.
- Use all-purpose concentrates in rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room because these are the most frequently used areas. - Use floor cleaners for the floor in every room. These come in powdered form, so it will dissolve easily when mixed with water. It is advisable to use this while wearing rubber gloves to protect yourself from harsh chemicals. - Use wipes and sprays for surfaces that need immediate cleaning without requiring a lot of scrubbing, such as counters and tabletops.

What to Use When
There are many different types of cleaning tools and concentrates that you can use in your house. Here is a list of some of the most common ones:
-Broom: Great for sweeping up dirt and debris from hard floors or carpeting.
-Rag: A great option for scrubbing down surfaces and wiping up spills.
-Mop: This is a popular choice for many people because it’s easy to use and quick to dry. It's also effective at sanitizing as well as disinfecting soiled areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-traffic areas where germs tend to build up. You can also attach a scrubber head on the end of your mop, which will help with tough spots on floorboards or furniture. You'll want to use soap, water, vinegar, or an all-purpose cleaner for this type of work. The best thing about these kinds of mops is that they are eco-friendly and save you time!

How to Make Your Own Concentrate
Making your own cleaning concentrate is a great way to stay green and get the most bang for your buck. All you need is some of your favourite ingredients and a jar! You can make as much or as little as you like. Here's how:
1) Select your ingredients and put them in a jar. Remember that baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, and orange juice are effective on many surfaces. Other ideas include castile soap, rubbing alcohol, dish detergent, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, lavender oil - anything that smells good! 2) Add water to fill the jar up to the top. Make sure you stir it up so there are no clumps of ingredients. And when you're finished making your own cleaning concoction, take out the spoon and replace with a lid. Label the jar with what ingredients are inside. And if you want to save yourself time later on, place all of your different cleaners together on an accessible shelf.

How to Use a Pressure Washer
The pressure washer can be a great addition to your cleaning arsenal. It will make it easier to get into corners, in between tiles, or to remove tough stains from concrete. However, it's important to know how to use the pressure washer properly before you start using it on your home. Here are a few tips:
1) Always use cold water when using the pressure washer indoors or outdoors. Hot water can cause serious burns and damage surfaces. 2) Don't use the pressure washer to clean delicate surfaces like mirrors or marble as it could scratch them. 3) Keep children away while you're using the pressure washer as they could get seriously injured if they touch any hot surface while in contact with the high-powered stream of water. 4) Use soap as part of your washing routine but never add soap directly to the wand itself as this may ruin its inner workings.

Kinds and Types of Mops
There are two different types of mops that people can use, sponge mops and string mops. Sponge mops are good for scrubbing a floor, but string mops are better at picking up dirt. String mops require less water, so they're more environmentally friendly. Steam mops work by using hot water to clean the floor without the use of chemicals. They have a built-in cleaning solution in their reservoir tank to help make the floors shinier while they clean. Other ways to keep your home spick and span is by wiping down cabinets with a dry cloth or dampened one. If you want to freshen up your bedroom or living room carpet, mix half white vinegar with half water and spray on carpet or other fabric surfaces with a spray bottle. You'll need to leave it sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming it up or blotting it out with paper towels or rags. The vinegar will remove odours from food spills such as coffee or spaghetti sauce while giving off an odorless scent after it's been sprayed on the surface. It's also great for getting rid of stains because vinegar will act as an astringent on some clothes items like whites as well as furniture fabrics like microfiber couches and chairs.

When to vacuum
Different floors require different types of vacuums. Carpeting, hardwood, tile, and even linoleum floors all call for a specific type of vacuum cleaner. If you need to know what kind of vacuum is best suited to your floor, the following table should help:
Type of Floor
Vacuum Cleaner Type

The majority of modern-day vacuums use a rotating brush that helps to remove dirt from carpet fibres. Some cleaners also have attachments designed for cleaning upholstery and dusting high-reach surfaces like ceilings. Regardless of which type of cleaner you choose, it's important to keep the filter clean so that it will continue to work efficiently at capturing dust particles! How does a vacuum work? A vacuum can be powered either electrically or with air suction created by a motorized fan blowing air in through an opening (called an intake) while simultaneously drawing dirt out through another opening (called an exhaust). Air flow created by these two openings creates suction which pulls dirt into the machine and then filters it before being expelled outside.

Carpet Cleaning
When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are a number of things you need to be aware of. You may have a stain on the carpet that doesn't want to go away or your carpet may be looking very old. Whatever your issue is, don't worry! There are a number of ways you can get the results you want.
One way to do this is with steam cleaning. This will help remove any dirt or stains that are in your carpet as well as help get rid of any odours. If you have pets at home, these cleaners also work great at removing pet hair from your carpet. In addition to these cleaners, there are also some chemicals which can be sprayed onto the carpets before being left to dry. These chemicals then take care of tough stains without requiring professional treatment.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and grout pressure washing is a great way to clean dirty tiles and grout. This process uses high-pressure water to remove stains and heavy dirt from the surface of your tiles. There are many different types of tiles, so it's important to find the right pressure washer for them. Certain types of stains can also be removed with tile and grout pressure washing. For example, tea or coffee stains can often be scrubbed off using this method. However, you should always try other cleaning methods first before going straight to pressure washing!

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I used Perth Home Cleaners for a vacate clean and I'm glad I did. From the friendly front office to the girls who did the cleaning I was impressed with the professionalism of everyone. The cleaners got to work straight away and cleaned my entire house, they worked to a full clean list and when they were finished I was very happy with the result. I would highly recommend Perth Home Cleaners if you need vacate cleaning.more →

8 years
1 review

Great job & highly recommended. Fast response & cleaners turned up at exact time booked. Utilised for house inspection which passed with flying colours. Will definitely use again in the future. Thanks!more →

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